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Learn How To Use the Wind's Energy to Power Your Home! 

   Build a windmill - We did!  We did!

Hi.  My name's Tanya and last year my dad, Walt, and I got really interested in building our own wind turbine and generator.  I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment.  He wanted to save money on electric bills. 

My dad is a pretty handy guy and we've always done projects together like build a backyard deck, turn the garage into a workshop, etc.  We had been talking about putting in a wind power system for a few years, but we just didn't know how to get started.  

So, for Christmas I decided to get him a do it yourself wind power book as a present.  I researched every alternative energy product online and checked out over a dozen forums and websites.  I decided that Green DIY Energy was the very best product available and had a good price and cool bonuses. (Including everything you need to know to build your own solar panels, too!)

Christmas morning comes and we exchange presents.  And guess what my dad got me?!  The Green DIY Energy book!  We could hardly stop laughing and my dad said, "Great minds think alike!"

Obviously, we didn't need TWO copies of Green DIY Energy, so we returned one and it was completely hassle free.  We got all of our money back, no problem.

With the Green DIY Energy books, plans and videos we built our wind turbine and wind generator.  It took us two days and cost us a total of $191.45.  We may have been able to do it faster, but we let me three year old son "help".  

Our wind power system has been up and running for three months now and we've already saved $156 on our electric bills.  And the best part is, our windmill will keep giving us energy and saving us money as long as the wind blows!
I am so fired up about our home wind power that I'm trying to convince everyone I know to do it.  That's why I made this website. 

Here's the link if you want to get a copy of
Green DIY Energy.

                 GreenDIYenergy - build your own wind turbine


Thousands of people have used Green DIY Energy and rave about the product and the Better Business Bureau approves of it, too. 

The Green DIY Energy product has step-by-step manuals with tons of photos and diagrams, easy-to-follow windmill plans, helpful videos and technical support.  

The sooner you get started the sooner you'll start saving. If you create more wind power electricity than you use you can sell it back to the power company.  Green DIY Energy tells you how to do this.

The best part is, there's no risk. Green DIY Energy comes with an 8 week money back guarantee. If it's not for you, you can return it with no questions asked.

Hey, I know this opportunity is not for everyone and your results will probably be a little different than ours. But I think you'll be happy you got Green DIY Energy. 

Again, here's the link to theGreen DIY Energy website

Good luck,

P.S. If you hurry, I think they are still running a great special. Save over $100.

P.P.S.  Do you want to hear about more money saving green home projects my dad and I are working on?  For example, we just insulated our roof with recycled newspaper pulp and that cut our heating and cooling costs by 30%.  We are planning to put in a rainwater harvesting system to water our lawn and garden.  I'm researching that project now.  Also, I will send you some photos of our windmill (once I take them)!

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